MOCVD (BEOL) Equipment / Taping / Singlewell Industrial Co. (TWI) customization, SOLD

  • 2070201


Applicable specifications and features:


1) Application materials: applicable component of the "SOP" / SMD / PCB-LED / CHIP-LED foot.

2) capacity (estimated): PPH: 22000 24000EA/HR.

3) feeding / rewinding: bulk mining or TUBE feed, according to the customer needs to specify the design, disc material with packaging (REEL TAP).

4) Packing: packed according to component specifications using the disk empty strip (Embossing-Carrer) / lidstock with (the CARRIER TAP) - hot or self-adhesive / disc.

5) to set up C.C.D view the device (optional).


Machine Specifications:

1) Power supply: single-phase 220VAC, 15A, 60Hz (or 50Hz).

2) Pneumatic source: 5KG / cm2.

3) vacuum source: random with --- German-made "Bush" vacuum pump.

4) Machine Dimensions: Approximately 125 cm 65 cm * width * height 160 cm.

5) Weight: about 350kg.

6) Machine color: gray powder coating (or according to customer specified color).



More information available on request.