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Solar Facility

Major Products / Services :

* There is a six-generation line of a facility to produce 25 MW (Mega Watts) annually of high efficiency amorphus silicon thin-film Photovoltaic.

* Uptime in 2008 .

* All equipment was de-installation in 2011 and placed in the warehouse.



Equipment List :

Product type Manufacturer Model

Unpacker ULVAC GLASS SIZE:1100 X 1400MM

Cleaner ULVAC UVL15168, Initial Cleaner

Marker ULVAC TK1D-CM1-V, ID Marker on Glass

Laser ULVAC SS-LPS-6000 Series, Laser Scribing

Insulation Tester ULVAC IRP-1100M, Insulation Tester

Cleaner ULVAC UVL15138, TCO Cleaner


Laser ULVAC SS-LPS-6000 Series, D400 α-Si Laser Patterning

Sputter ULVAC SCH-135B, D500 -Sputtering

Laser ULVAC SS-LPS-6000 Series, D600 -Metal Laser Patterning

Laser ULVAC SS-LPS-6000 Series, D600 -Isolation Laser Scribing

Blasting machine ULVAC MB1-TR-040, D700-MicroBlast

Cleaner ULVAC UVL15148, D700-Scribe Cleaner

Surface Treatment ULVAC IDR1400, D700-Surface Treatment (X-machine)

Cleaner ULVAC UVL15158, D700-Final Cleaner

Simulator Nisshinbo Sun 4800i, D700-Simulator(Pre-encaptest)

Ag Paste Equipment Nisshinbo Agp1114-AR0, D800-Ag Paste Equipment

Feeders Nisshinbo Sht1114-AR0, D800-Automatic EVA(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) feeder

Feeders Nisshinbo Sht1114-AR0, D800-Automatic Backsheet feeder

Inspection Nisshinbo D800-Small_Sheet_Setting_Repairing

Laminator Nisshinbo Lam1537NU1, D800-Laminator-EVA

Auto Line System Kenmec GLASS SIZE:1100 X 1400MM,NORMAL CST

Oven CSUN MOL-11S , Clean Oven

Trimming station Nisshinbo Trm-1114-MR0, D900 -Trimming station

Junction box Nisshinbo Jbx1114-MR0, D900 -Junction box install

Junction box Nisshinbo D900 -Junction box soldering

Junction box Nisshinbo HIOKI 3238 DIGITAL HITESTER, Junction box check station

Junction box Nisshinbo Pot1114-AR0, D900-Junction box potting

Edge sealing Nisshinbo Slg1114-AR0, D900-Edge sealing

Stocker DAIFUKU GSV/ZIP stocker system 1100 X 1400MM

Gasket setting Gasket Nisshinbo Gkt1114-MR0, D900 -Gasket setting Gasket

Frame setting Nisshinbo Frm1114-MR0, D900 -Frame setting

Hi-pot Tester Nisshinbo Hip1114D-MR0, D900 -Hi-pot Tester

Module Simulator Nisshinbo Sun4800i, D900 -Module Simulator

Automatic reversing machine Shihlin Electric Automatic reversing machine L2000*W1690*H1900

Inspection TOHO SR 6500D, NanoFilm Thickness Messurement

Inspection AllReal Macro Light on Booth

Cartridge Storage System DAIFUKU 1100MM X 1400MM S TYPE CST


Also including spare parts & semifinished product .


More information available on request.