Manufacturing Facilities / PV Facility / LEYBOLD OPTICS OEM & ODM , Solar Facility

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Major Products / Services : 

* a-Si:H and micro-crystalline silicon (μc-Si) solar cell technology


* There is a six-generation line of a facility


* From the module dimensions and the particulars of the module manufacturing the dimensions of the glass substrates, whether precoated with TCO or clear, will be 1100 X 1400MM (thickness : 5 – 3.2 MM)


* Uptime in 2007 .


* Facility Powered - Environmental Controls Running.


* Selling price for the complete facility for 18,300,000 USD. This includes the whole complete solar production line, and the factory building. 


* Selling price for the line including relocation is 10,000,000 USD. This includes the relocation fee and re-assembly.


* A Joint Venture with Seller is negotiable.


Among the approaches followed in thin film photovoltaics silicon based thin film solar offer several advantages:

* these cells are fabricated from very abundant raw materials,

* their manufacturing, operation and last but not least disposal poses almost no ecological risk,

* low process temperatures allow the use of a variety of low cost substrate materials such as float glass etc.

* the whole module manufacturing process consumes only moderate amounts of energy leading to a short energy payback times.


Fully Automated processing line including washers, lasers, enclosed conveyor systems, buffer stations, ABB Robotic handlers, Leybold Optics Phoebus PECVD and PVD, Metal scribing, Edge Blast, Cleaning, Wire bonding, Laminator, Curing, Backend framing, junction box and Simulator testing.

Partial list of Major equipment is as follows:


* RENA substrate washer


* HMS water control systems


* LPKF ALLEGRO 3210 Laser scriber


* LEYBOLD OPTICS Phoebus In-line CCV Series PECVD with 14 chambers link to Leybold -


* LEYBOLD OPTICS A1500V-7 In-line CVD Sputtering system Link to Leybold - 


* ABB ICR5 Robotic handlers Link to ABB IRC5 


* Honle UV Technology, Link -


* MJC STD-5000 I-V characteristics tester, Link -


* NISSHINBO In-line Laminator, Link - 


* StraPack packaging system Link - 


* Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum systems,  Link - 


Facility available for inspection by appointment to qualified buyers only.