Facility Equipment / Gas Cabinets - Panels / N/A GN2 VMP(Valve Manifold Panel)

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This Gas-Panel can supply 5 MOCVD-systems.

For GN2-VMP(Valve Manifold Panel).

Including :

5 manual valves, 5 pressure regulating valves ,5 Pressure Gauges

VALVE MANIFOLD BOX / VMB: it is a box connected to the piping gas cabinet or large-flow special gas distribution panel.  The gases are distributed to the equipment of need after pressure and flow regulation.  The box is provided with safety features like gas extraction, nitrogen purge and venting. 


     VMB is a device that distributes special gases safely and stably to semiconductor production equipment.  The gas in the box is always kept at a negative pressure for venting.  In a rare event of gas leak at the gas panel in the box, the gas will be contained due to the safe venting, thus preventing inhalation or even fire (except for inert gas). VMB is installed inside the clean room to divert the gases required for semiconductor production supplied from gas cabinet or large-flow gas diversion box and distribute to processing machines.  In addition, VMB is provided with a purgeline.

More information available on request.