MOCVD (BEOL) Equipment / Breakers / EUCLID technology FS BM-T3 ,Fully Auto Breaker Machine

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FS-BM-T3 Fully-Auto Breaker Machine

This Breaker is mainly used in LED wafers by laser cutting process, the case has not been completely cut through the chip, to be knocking splitting, so that each one is split grains are presenting separate state. 

This Breaker combines the PC software program and CCD image recognition system and adopt automatic search for wafers, automatic alignment, were splitting procedure. ( It will adjust itself to the bit lines in the splitting process )


◎ Machine Size: 1300 * 1200 * 1650mm (W * D * H). 

◎ Weight: About 400 kgw 

◎ Power Specifications: AC110V / 220V / 50 ~ 60Hz 

◎ recommend laser cutting depth: 0.025mm or more, in order to maintain the quality and yield of splitting 

◎ Capacity: (12 * 12mil) 6 ~ 8pcs / hr 


◎ flexible design: split 2 "to 4" of the situation in order to complete chip-inch GaAs or sapphire substrate or broken piece of. 

◎ tool angle: angle selection tool can be customized (75 degrees, 90 degrees). 

◎ unique tool design: the small size of the grain in favor of splitting. 

◎ unique light design: The unique design of the front and rear side light projection, will allow the coarsening process has been easier to identify wafer splitting. 

Under pressure fixture design ◎: wafer warpage produced specifically for the case of CCD is not easy to identify, using this rule under the pressure, and will be able to overcome the situation arising due to warping unclear improve identification chip. 

◎ Software: IPC framework set


More information available on request.