MOCVD (FEOL) Equipment / Laser / JPSA IX-260 ChromaLift LLO (LED Lift-Off) system

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The IX-260 ChromAblate from JPSA Laser is a compact, Class 1 UV excimer laser workstation designed for high-throughput production micromachining. Designed and ruggedly constructed for industrial use, this precise UV laser system is built to perform with minimal downtime and maximum flexibility.

Complex shapes and patterns can be machined across a wide range of materials from PTFE to glass and from sapphire to tungsten due to the unique characteristics of the IX-260's powerful excimer laser beam, beam delivery system (BDS) and range of working UV wavelengths (down to 157nm).

Beam homogenisation and near-field imaging allow multiple simultaneous micromachining processes for optimum yields.

A high pulse repetition rate ensures rapid processing and the precision motion and positioning components ensure repeatability and quality.


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