MOCVD (FEOL) Equipment / Laser / JPSA IX-210 ChromaDice wafer scribing systems

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The JPSA ChromaDiceTM system provides a new advance in wafer scribing. The JPSA wafer scribing system, using a UV DPSS laser at 266nm or 355nm wavelengths, gives you very narrow cut widths (as small as 2.5µm kerf) and unmatched throughput of up to twelve wafers per hour.


Excellent die yield of 97% to 99%, and better than 99% system up-time means your investment pars for itself in a matter of months. At a low operating cost of less than US$2/wafer, and with the JPSA automatic wafer alignment process (less than one minute to align the wafer), the ChromaDiceTM system introduces a new level of wafer scribing productivity.


The system features indsutrial grade reliability with R&D flexibility and comes standard with user-friendly control software. The JPSA SystemControl32 software seamlessly integrates all laser system functions with an easy-to-use interface.


The system is used for scribing LED wafers as well as GaAs and other III-V materials.


More information available on request.