MOCVD (FEOL) Equipment / Etchers / Panasonic Dry Etching System E600L

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Machine Size (Outline)
Width 1170*Depth 2650*Height 2100mm (Excluding discharge dust and a signal tower)
Power source
Main unit
˙Single-phase 220V AC±10V,6kVA(rated)
˙Three-phase 220V AC±10V,15kVA(rated)
Dry pump(Standard specification)
˙Three-phase 200V AC to 208V±10V,5.2kVA(rated)
Chiller(Standard) specification)
˙Single-phase 200V AC to 230±10V 1.6kVA(rated)
Substrate Loader
Process condition
˙ Batch processing
˙Cassette to cassette
Storing of trays
˙Each tray is stored back in the same slot in the same cassette.
Material and size of tray
˙SiC tray or Sapphire tray
Shape of tray
˙ With notches
The number of trays stored in a cassette
˙ Maximum 8 trays
Turbo pump (TMP)
˙Magnetic levitation type Type 1300L
Pressure gauge
˙Manometer: 13.3 Pa
˙Pirani head
Plasma system
˙Multi-spiral coil ICP
ICP RF power supply
˙ 13.56 MHz 3000 W
ICP part RF matcher
˙ 13.56 MHz for 3000W
Bias RF power supply
˙ 13.56 MHz 3000 W
Bias RF matcher
˙ 13.56 MHz for 3000 W
Upper-electrode heating
˙ Heating by special heater 50 ºC – 100ºC
˙ Temperature controller
Tray chuck method
˙ Static chuck (ESC)
Lower electrode
˙ Ceramics monopolar electrode (for ESC)
Distance between electrodes
˙ 173 mm (when inner chamber height is 77mm)
EPM (Panasonic) wavelength (optional)
˙ Two-wave input enabled, wavelength specification
˙ Multi-step end monitoring enabled